Quality Policy

Quality policy

DN Automotive Italy Group bases its strategy on the following principles (as stated in the Management Systems Policy):

• Meet the requirements and the implicit and explicit needs of internal and external customers;
• Comply with the laws, regulations, company policies and the good manufacturing practices;
• Develop, design, produce and sell ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, while respecting the environment, health and safety;
• Select, train, educate and involve the staff;
• Promote the growth of the suppliers.

DN Automotive Italy strongly believes in the concept that should benefit from the principles of its strategy not only direct customers, but also the end customers and stakeholders by committing to:

• Define and review the company objectives;
• Measure, document and communicate the performance of the company;
• Establish criteria and provide means and resources to ensure the effectiveness of the processes;
• Put in place all possible activities for continuous improvement of processes and products;
• Involve the suppliers of products and service


Environmental Policy

DN Automotive Italy Srl Group works in compliance with ISO 14001:2015 and actively promotes practices to eliminate risk to human health and the environment from the products and processes of each of its plants, ensuring:

• Compliance with laws, regulations, corporate policies and manufacturing best practice;
• Maximum vigilance to avoid and to prevent pollution;
• Identification and monitoring of environmental aspects and impacts of present and future activities;
• Minimize the consumption of natural resources;
• Reduction of the amount of waste produced;
• Selection of technological processes that offer the best environmental effects in technical terms;
• Adoption of procedures to ensure that systems and processes afford the best protection of the environment;
• Involvement, training and awareness of employees and people working on behalf of the organization to encourage every initiative geared to environmental protection;
• Communication and transparency with its employees, stakeholders, and the local community regarding the company's environmental impact, policies, and programs;
• Promotion of correct environmental behavior by suppliers and contractors.


Under this policy, DN Automotive commits to:

• Monitoring of atmospheric emissions;
• Preservation of the soil and subsoil;
• Separate management of waste;
• Fire prevention;
• Minimize the consumption of natural resources.


IATF 16949 - Passirano Plant, Italy
IATF 16949 - Czestochowa Plant, Poland
ISO 9001 - DTR VMS Italy
ISO 9001 - DTR VMS Poland
ISO 14001 - Passirano Plant, Italy
ISO 14001 - Czestochowa Plant, Poland
ISO 45001 - Passirano Plant, Italy
ISO 50001 - Passirano Plant, Italy
ISO IEC 27001 - Passirano Plant, Italy
ISO 22301 - Passirano Plant, Italy

TISAX Assessments*

  • DN Automotive Italy S.r.l. [Scope ID: S00T1P, Assessment ID: ALPR47-3]
  • DN Automotive Poland Sp. z.o.o. [Scope ID: SZ044M, Assessment ID: ALCHR4-1]
  • DN Automotive Germany GmbH [Scope ID: SMPFMK, Assessment ID: ALHP96-3]

*Results are published on ENX portal

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