About us

Worldwide leaders in the supply of components for the automotive sector

DN Automotive Italy – previously C.F. Gomma and DTR VMS - is one of the worldwide leaders in the supply of components for the automotive sector (automobiles, industrial vehicles) and railways. In particular, the company is involved in the production of anti-vibration systems and air springs, technical mouldings in rubber (rings and precision moulded parts) and torsional dampers; part of the business operations is also dedicated to the production of compounds, intended for both internal use and sale to third parties. The company operates within the automotive sector as a supplier of OEM as well as in the spare parts market. These are highly specialised sectors given that they are linked to the capacity of operators to realize and innovate products on the basis of customer requests as well as to adapt to new technologies. These sectors are strongly influenced by factors that are directly linked to the automotive market, such as the introduction of new models, the cost of fuel, trends in consumption, etc. With regard to market competitiveness, R&D as well as co-design activities with customers – in addition to representing the primary barriers to entry of new potential competitors – are the primary critical success factors for the company.

For this reason, DN Automotive has always maintained close relations with its customers by promoting testing within vehicles as well as research on raw materials and on new processes (even through partnerships and collaborations with universities and tech. centres); the experimentation of materials within the laboratories, where machinery and processes are equivalent to those adopted during the serial production, ensures the total quality of the products.

The Company headquarter is in Passirano (Brescia).

The company directly controls two foreign subsidiaries namely DN Automotive Poland Sp.z o.o. in Czestochowa and DN Automotive Sistemas Antivibrantes Automotivos do Brasil in Belo Horizonte.

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